WHERE: Urðarhvarf 8, entrance A, 2nd

WHEN: Thursday 29th February 2024


REGISTRATION: Please follow this LINK

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  • The NPA philosophy and history of independent living movement.
  • The core of NPA and its importance.
  • Assistance, not care.
  • NPA in implementation and independent living.
  • Discussions.


  • That the participant acquires basic knowledge of NPA and its implementation.
  • That the participant acquires knowledge of the main concepts, focus and history of NPA.


The courses are designed for NPA project managers, NPA assistants, relatives of NPA project managers and other interested parties.The course is open to everyone, but members and personal assistants from NPA miðstöðin have priority. Limited seats available.

The NPA Courses of NPA miðstöðin provide comprehensive knowledge and a good insight into NPA. The courses are developed under the guidance and collaboration with NPA work leaders. Nothing about us without us!

COST: Free for members and assistants of the NPA center. For others: ISK. 15,000 for the course series, ISK. 2,000 for one course, but ISK. 10,000 for a course in first aid.



Erna Eiríksdóttir, Head of Knowledge of the NPA center

Þorbera Fjölnisdóttir, NPA work leader

DIVISION INTO GROUPS: There will be one group for all participants. We might divide the group into smaller groups for some discussion assignments.

INDIVIDUAL COURSES: Each course is an independent course. You do not have to take them in order 1-6, but rather in the order that suits you.

 ACCESSIBILITY: Full accessibility.

 REFRESHMENTS. Light refreshments during the break.

QUESTIONS AND TIPS: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.